3 Things You Will Learn Through Guitar Theory Lessons

Even though practical plays a crucial role when it comes to learning to play the guitar, however, there are several things that you will only learn by theoretical sessions during guitar classes in El Dorado Hills. The following are the three key things that you’ll get to learn via theory sessions:

  1. It helps you see the bigger picture

Before studying theory, analytically, music may seem nothing more than a loose connection of disparate ideas and expressions. As time goes on, by devoting time to investigating what you are playing, you begin to see more of an intrinsic connection between these ideas, bound by a system of related intervals.

It is from this connection that you get certain “eureka” moments like seeing scale patterns simply as a convenient grouping of intervals, the scaffolding if you like, for building chord shapes. Take this a step further, and the lines between usual scale and chord function blur and your focus is less on “scales = leads” and “chords = rhythm” and more on note selection, harmony, voice leading, etc.

  • It helps you process intricate musical information

Music can get very intricate. A study of jazz will confirm this. Theory can help you conceptualize, break down and understand what would otherwise be heard as an overwhelming onslaught of notes. The other approach of breaking things down is to come across a tab of the song and copy it note for note. However, that just tells you the way to play that particular piece.

It does not show you the way you could apply it is your own music, without copying it outright. This is regarding the difference between parrot fashion learning and intuitive learning. What may initially sound intricate could simply be part of a musical system or formula that you can gain knowledge of. An instance of this is modes.

By first breaking down where modes come from, you will sooner or later be capable of making out when music is modal and accompany it confidently. To someone who has not gained knowledge of theory, they would be left second guessing, again resorting to a long winded process of trial and error.

  • It helps you to lay emphasis on your innovative options

The professional guitar instructors always advise their students to break rules or conventions and try out freely, even though the sole rule you are not at all supposed to break is “if it sounds good, play it”. A certain amount of trial and error and “noodling” is vital in that respect. However, a solid grounding in theory can actually help you see more musically innovative and productive options from a given starting point and help you get rid of the options that sound somewhat common, clichéd or would possibly work better in a different context. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with every possible direction you could go, likely resulting in pointless and uncreative wandering, theory during guitar classes in El Dorado Hills helps to put that wandering into the context of several possible destinations.

Author: mrdsmusicschool

Mr. D’s Music School in Folsom, CA is one of the top-rated music schools where you can get a variety of music lessons. Our music classes in Folsom include piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, drum, and a lot more. We are a leading music school in Folsom where you can opt for individual 1-on-1 music lessons, group art classes, and little Mozarts for tiny tots.

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